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SSK Solutions - Medical Billing Made Easy!

As industry regulations change it becomes more difficult to effectively receive maximum reimbursement. With these constant changes, it's almost impossible to keep abreast without having a dedicated healthcare billing specialist. Outsourcing your medical billing can significantly increase your bottom line.

Our staff is knowledgeable in medical billing and coding and will provide your practice with the professional services required to maximize reimbursement. We will review your claims prior to submission, checking for errors that will impact reimbursement. 

We will review your EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) to make sure that you are receiving the maximum amount owed to you. We review all denials for errors and resubmit or send to medical review if necessary. You could be losing thousands of dollars each year by accepting the insurance carrier's denials. It is our job to make sure that this doesn't happen.

Timely Reimbursement to Enhance Your Revenue 

We strive to achieve the best possible timely reimbursement, ultimately affecting your bottom line, cash flow and the opportunity cost of uncollected revenue. The strength of SSK Solutions is our team. We have experienced medical billing specialists. They are experts at processing the medical claims accurately, timely and efficiently.

  • Patient eligibility and authorization
  • Entering patient demographics and claim information
  • Submitting claims and printing paper claims
  • Submitting secondary claims
  • Follow-up on unpaid claims and appeals
  • Insurance and patient payment posting
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Monthly reporting
  • Provider Credentialing and Contracting 
  • Eligibility & Benefits Check
  • Authorizations / Referrals
  • ACH/EFT Payment Set-u

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SSK Solutions made medical billing easy to collect maximum reimbursement from insurance companies.

Electronic Claims processing is our business and we can assure you the confidence level you would have in your own staff. When it comes to maximum reimbursement, Accurate claims transmission and Proper coding are the key elements. When incorrect codes are used, your claims are rejected which delays payment and ultimately impacts your Cash-Flow.  

We will provide a free Analysis of your codes including a vital financial summary showing any adverse effects on your cash-flow, such as potential income loss. We will provide a complimentary Billing Cost Analysis report that compares the precise cost of in-house billing operation to the national average. This can help you determine where in your practice you may cut expenses and if outsourcing your billing makes financial sense.  

We understand that you have devoted your life to medicine. Your primary focus is healing people. But the fiscal realities require running a profitable practice. It is time you made the move to electronic claims processing which facilitates easy cash-flow and peace of mind

  • Behavioral Health
    • ABA, ASD, ADD, ADHD, Autism Billing
    • Opioid Dependence Billing 
  • Internal Medicine Billing
  • Family Practice, MD Billing
  • Infectious Disease Billing
  • Chiropractic  Billing
  • Massage & Physical Therapist Billing
  • Independent Laboratory Billing 
  • Infertility Billing

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