Dov Gartenberg


"Our billing has never been so accurate and neat in the last 10 years. Our accounts receivables were such a mess when we got Meera on board. Within a few weeks we had a complete process in place and a single contact with all major insurance companies. She also designed a new format for our paper billing for ABA Therapy Services which increased efficiency by eliminating duplicate work and streamlining the process using technology. Most important: SSK increased the reimbursement ratio to 95%-99% 

Dr. Peter Hashisaki MD

 "Thanks for your ongoing help with our billing. I would like to appreciate your hard work and the efficiency of the people in your company. Meera is very knowledgeable and focused on customer needs. It has been a pleasure working with her and she has saved us additional work in the office by making very useful suggestion on the accounting process. Thanks for being always available when needed. I highly recommend your company to any provider for medical billing and accounts receivables.

Chad Ostrom

Meera has been my accountant for a long time  now and she is so responsive and so helpful! She has helped me with my Quick-books set up, ADP payroll and  filing quarterly taxes. She takes care of everything, I dont have to worry about anything.

Alma Lara

Since the moment Meera took over my case I learned so much about her integrity, her character, her professionalism, her beautiful heart. We have this idea that accounting people are cold and could care less about you as a person but there is nothing more than a warm spirit coming out of Meera. She is the sweetest person you've ever know. 

I am really excited to share this testimony with you! After dealing with insurance for over a year, last December we receive a Reimbursement for over $25,000.

Madhuri Vanama

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful job on our accounts receivables. Meera has been always focused on our needs, very knowledgeable about changes in industry and always available when we had questions. Her hard work and attention to detail has saved us a lot of extra work in the office and made our billing process very efficient. I cannot imagine going through the same stress we had before hiring your services on our monthly A/R. As a small business owner your services have helped us focus on our core business and customer needs. I would like to highly recommend your company to any provider for medical billing and accounting & bookkeeping." 

Dr. Madhuri Vanama. (Discovery Dental)


 "We been with SSK Solutions since 2009, when we opened our new practice. SSK Solutions has helped us in every step of the way. Meera provides key performance indicator reports that help us manage our business more efficiently. SSK has appealed on behalf of us number of times and got the maximum reimbursement from Medicare. We also opened an independent laboratory and SSK was there to help us with the billing. Without your help we would not be able to grow as fast. You are a true partner in our growth."

Michael (Office Manager at New Horizons Clinic)

Arona Kustin

 "I would like to thank you for all your hard work and attention to details for claims inquires and referral authorizations for our patients. Meera has completely handled tax receipts requests for our patients very efficiently." 

Arona Kustin (Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine)